Access tunnel | Oberlech

Client: Stundner/ Pfefferkorn/ Oberlecher Tunnelges. /Michaelis
Year of construction:: 1990ies – 2007

As early as the 1990’s, the Ramersdorfer architectural practice had generated designs for an overall project to create tunnels with a transfer station for the Oberlech area. It was commissioned by the Oberlech tunnel company, founded by Mr. Fridolin Lucian. The subterranean tunnel connection of the hotels of Burgwald and Goldener Berg to the existing Oberlech tunnel system, in which both the guests’ luggage and supply goods could be handled through a transfer station in complete independence of weather conditions, was implemented in 2007. The current stage of extension measures 310 m in length, over a height differential of 26 m. The tunnel is 3.00 m wide and 2.50 m high.